Cluster & Margin

Cluster & Margin is a tech start-up.
Our vision
is to use data for fostering a more compassionate society.
 We’re building a software that can assist in gathering and analyzing qualitative data.

How can we help?

How can we help?

We are building a software that takes care of necessary steps from research question to interview, transcriptions and assisted analysis.
While our software is still under development, we currently offer a combined service of applying our interview tool along with consultancy services. Get in touch for a potential collaboration.  

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Amnesty International

We’re currently working with Amnesty International Denmark giving them recommendations on the following: After becoming a professionalised NGO how do you maintain a close connection to your volounteers?  Via our mobile interviewer we are are interviewing former and current activists to learn about motivations and challenges around being activists in Amnesty Denmark. The project will end up with strategic recommendations on how the office of Amnesty Denmark can establish a closer link to their activists.


Anders Jahn

With a background as a cultural entrepreneur, Anders is a skilled relations builder and concept developer with a BA from Kaospilot school of business and design.

Ýmir Gíslason

Ýmir is a practiced software developer and has a BA from Kaospilot School of business and design. As the head of programming, Ymir is constantly developing and expanding the possibilities for what our software can do.

Emil Bjerg

With an MSc in Anthropology and work experience from NGO’s and consultancies, Emil is responsible for methodological product design, research ethics and consultancy tasks.


We’re always happy to get in touch to discuss how we can help you and your organisation close a knowledge gap.

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